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Our teams produce, lecture and/or train at the following events:

Events and Trade Shows

Brides & Beaus SM  - Bridal Fairs, Shows and Seminars, held in varying locations

Western North Carolina Bridal Show - Hickory, NC


Seminars for the Small-to-Medium Businesses (SMB)

Bulletproof Your Business (available Spring 2012)

Contingency and Disaster Planning for the SMB - Disasters are not just weather related. Learn to identify an "emergency" and what steps businesses need to take to be prepared.

Time Management Mini-Series (1-2 hour sessions, 6 hours total)

Identifying and Managing Time - Time is money. This series helps business owners understand time, its value and how to manage it on an individual basis. This group presentation helps companies and individuals identify their "time bandits".

Trade Show Training (2 hour session)

"How-To-Exhibit" Workshops

Customer Service Training (four 8-hour sessions)

"Image ~ your unspoken introduction" - That is our motto and is easily yours. Why? The statement is true. Did you ever hear, "What will they think of you?" or "What will the neighbors say?" Questions such as these are true in life and in business.

What do your guests/clients see or feel when they enter your business? What do they hear when your telephone is answered? Benchmark II provides customer service training to you and/or your staff so you know that the guests feel they way you would like to feel in the same situation. We know that you want the staff's response to come naturally and be sincere. Benchmark II can help. Your image is what impresses the guest from the first moment of contact. Will they return when all is said and done? What image will they remember, and will it be an image to share with their friends and colleagues? You want that image to make a positive impression. So do we. Our customer service training begins with your goals and your staff.  This small group presentation helps companies and individuals identify their "business-to-consumer relationships and how to enhance your image in today's market.


If you, your staff or your company are interested in scheduling a workshop or attending a seminar, please contact us for availability in your area or workplace. Contact our offices at or submit the following information.

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Western NC Bridal Show in Hickory, NC
Brides & Beaus Bridal Fair in Gastonia, NC


Customer Service Training
Time Management Mini-Series
Trade Show Training

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