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Your Staff

Hiring an EVA

Having an "on-call" assistant can alleviate the stress of finding time for everything that needs to be done.

Contact us about our EVA* admin services when you need them without the overhead expense of an office and equipment.

* Executive Virtual Assistant (Temp Service)


Business Services

Support Services

Businesses have many needs. Filing, paying bills, advertising, appointments and more takes time. A simple presentation can consume an afternoon. Here is where Benchmark can contribute skills on an as-needed basis. Many business tasks can be done by the owner, but their time is better spent generating income. By using Benchmark II as an on-demand support staff (EVAs™), they only pay for the time they need without incurring the cost of adding staff, equipment and facilities that they cannot yet fully utilize or afford. Some tasks are so intermittent and specialized they may never need an in-house staff member to handle them at all, but they still need to get done. Simply put, it is a temporary service at the push of a button.


Logos and Branding

Benchmark II can provide high quality log design work and help you to craft a brand that stays in your customers mind. This give your business a distinctive and professional appearance that can help you stand out from the crowd and get you noticed.

Marketing Materials

From business cards to brochures and even online marketing such as web design, E-mail marketing and social networking, the marketing materials needed to get your message out in today's environment come in a bewildering variety. Choosing the best methods and maintaining a consistent look is important to meeting your marketing and advertising goals. Benchmark II is constantly involved with new ways to get your message out and we can help you use your marketing dollars to their best advantage.

Virtual Support Services

Day-to-day operations and administrative tasks can eat up your productive time. The time you spend doing paperwork eats into the time you can actually spend producing income. This is where virtual support services can help. Spend your time producing product and capturing new business, not coding daily receipts! Get an EVA! See our Virtual Services page.

Web Site/Page Development

Today, the business web site is as much a part of being in business as the phonebook once was. The Internet is the first place most consumers turn to find a business. But the cost and complexity of getting a professional web site is a barrier to many businesses. Benchmark II has a program for helping small businesses get a low cost professional web site at an affordable price. We help you determine just how much of an online presence you really need, not just what a web development company wants to sell you.

Benchmark II is ready to meet with you and set up a step-by-step process to help you handle your business. From business plans to scheduling, we can help minimize the pressures so you can focus on what you planned when you opened the business.


Business Consulting

It is amazing how much time it takes to run a business, isn't it? That does not even account for the time need to actually do business.

Most small business owners would rather focus on the core of their business, i.e., what their business is rather than how to manage the office functions. Small and growing businesses often do not have enough time, money or space to house a staff member to run 'the office'. If they stay in to manage the office, they are not generating income. If they are working at the actual business, they aren't answering the phone or billing their clients. And there may not be enough hours in the day to get it all done. That's where we can help.

From assessment and planning to actual operations, Benchmark II is here to help you succeed. Benchmark II is ready to meet with you and set up a step-by-step process to help you handle your business. From business plans to scheduling, we can help minimize the pressures so you can focus on what you planned when you opened the business.

Step One - Assessment

By working with you to understand your goals and current business status, we can help you determine what you really need to achieve your dreams. We help you identify the real barriers to success by providing a valuable outside view. We start by examining current operations, the business environment inside and outside your business and how these factor into achieving your goals.

Step Two - Planning & Continuity

Next, we help you to plan to achieve your goals within the framework of your business. Helping you to target the areas that need help and build on your core strengths to achieve the goals you set for your business.

Step Three - Training & Continuity

When appropriate, we can help you identify where training can improve you operations for your and/or your staff. Benchmark II provides some common training and also partners with others that we have found who can provide high quality training.

Step Four - Research & Marketing

Perhaps your business had a great plan and you had a great idea of your market when your business started, but the market or economic conditions have changed. We can help you with new research and develop a marketing plan to reach the new customers, then put that plan into action using a combination of online and traditional marketing and advertising methods to reach your customers.

Step Five - Handling New Growth

One of the biggest challenges small businesses face is becoming a victim of their own success and not handling the growth that comes with it. Growth brings challenges such as maintaining the levels of service and quality brought with success. Developing standards of operation, evaluating staffing needs and managing the costs of growing are all areas where Benchmark II can assist.